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SWIR Lenses


SWIR imaging lenses are uniquely designed and can be made to order according to certain specifications. SWIR lenses offer precision focus as well as a secure In addition, SWIR lenses offer full abbreviation correction. You can also expect exceptional resolution with low levels of stray light present.

You can expect clear and concise image quality in all kinds of weather conditions. Weather the sun is shining or it is cloudy SWIR lenses will give you exceptional image clarity each and every time. Swir lenses have a variety of useful applications including night vision imaging. Solar cell testing and silicone imagine are additional applications in which SWIR lenses may be utilized to the fullest.

SWIR lenses are quite useful both inspection as well as quality control purposes. All SWIR lenses are anti-reflection coated and are specifically designed to cover large areas. All SWIR lenses are compact and lightweight.

The SWIR Fixed Focal length lens has a focal length of 25.0 as well as a working distance of 200 (mm). The focal length lens comes with a “C” mount and weighs approximately 180 g.

The SWIR Fixed Focal length lens (50 mm) comes with an “F” mount and has a focal length of 50.0. In addition, the SWIR Fixed Focal length lens (50 mm) has a total weight of approximately 482 g. The flange distance of this particular lens is 46.5.

The 100 mm SWIR Fixed Focal length lens M-42x 1.0 , has a camera sensor format of approximately 25 mm. The approximate weight of the M-42x 1.0 lens is 1900 g and the outer diameter of the lens is 84 mm. This particular SWIR lens also has a variety of useful industrial applications.

SWIR lenses produce excellent results. SWIR lenses are excellent for use in any outdoor setting. No additional illumination is required and works well with any infrared applications.

SWIR lenses may be easily ordered on line and delivered directly to the home or office. There are a number of additional attachments that can be used with the majority of SWIR lenses.